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The Manufacturing Process of Clothing from Start to Finish

quality assurance of garment

Ever wondered how clothing made? Perhaps you’re aware of what it takes for an entire line of clothing to come together, all by the hands and input of a designer and a team of manufactures, fabric suppliers, fashion consultants, financial consultants and more, but what most don’t know is that creating a piece of clothing to be sold in bulk or maybe even several, is no joke. It requires a lot of hours, hard work and a lot of skilled professional artists, depending on what needs to be done.

The Clothing Manufacturing Experience

The Planning Process

Creating a single item of fashion can differ immensely from creating up to 30 individual pieces to complete a fashion show and sell in retail stores nation or worldwide. Either way, designers have to have the right mindset when it comes to the entire process. They must know what it takes and have a goal set in mind as to exactly when they’d like their designs, ideas and overall train of thoughts to come to life. That is what artists do. They must understand the timing of the clothing manufacturing process, which is supported by a production period of up to three months, before having to move on to creating the next season’s worth of work.

They must also know what they want to sell and the perception they’dliketheir customers or clients to have and deliver something creative and new, which is also relative to the current trends in fashion.

Financial Planning

Creating new clothing cost a lot of money and most designers, unless supported by major retail brands, need to plan their lines carefully in order to maintain quality, but still save as much money as they possibly can.

The first thing they’ll need to do before giving the go-ahead for the manufacturing process is to be able to provide the manufacturer with spec sheets that entail all the designs details which include fabrics, printing techniques, measurements and supporting images for the garments at hand.

Once they’ve submitted spec sheets, the manufacturer will be able to provide the designer with a production cost quote, which can be negotiated according to what he/she can afford.


The Sourcing of Fabrics, Accessories and All Materials Needed

When a designer creates a line of new clothes, they’re not going to need one type of fabric or material, but many different ones and they’ll need to find good quality materials and accessories at the lowest cost possible in order to keep to a strict budget, as well as be able to deliver the required or planned quantities of clothing.

Sampling, Sizing and Pattern Effects

Some designers are focused on implementing their own unique patterns into the mix of clothing designs and will have to create it either themselves or find someone to do it for them. Most manufacturers are skilled in pattern making, but of course, the cost will be increased if they have to do it themselves. Designers will also have to pay a fee to receive samples of each and every individual piece in order to see whether they can continue with the process of manufacturing an entire line of clothing in mass production.

The Preparation for Mass Manufacturing

After the designer has decided they’re happy with the samples and sizing of their work, they will give the go-ahead for mass manufacturing, which after it will be sold to major retail stores or in an independent designer’s case, their own.

The Most Successful Clothing Apparel Brands in the World


As some of the leading clothing brands in the world, brands like Zara, Dior, Chanel and even the rivalry sports apparel brands Nike and Adidas are considered to be some of the world’s biggest clothing apparel brands in the world. These brands are established as some of the most adored amongst all the leading competitors and are noticeably only the tip of the iceberg to some of the fashion industry’s leading names from all walks of life, not to mention, Burberry, Hermes and Coach who are also considered some of the more luxurious and beloved brands.

The following brands are considered to be the best in the fashion industry due to their ever-increasing outstanding results in revenue, their profits, as well as market value and assets.

The Best in Business of Clothing Apparel


Ask the question about who Nike is anywhere in the world and chances are people will know its name and when that happens, you know you’ve met a brand that has delivered to the best of its ability in the clothing industry. The athletic-wear and athleisure brand banked a record of over $32 billion in one year alone and continues to increase every year. It is the most popular brand in fitness and performance wear and since the health and fitness trend also took off in the last decade, more people have found a reason to not only wear athletic wear for the sake of working out in the gym or during sports, but also as a fashion statement.

Christian Dior

As yet another well-known name all around the world, but more specifically purchased throughout Europe, the UK and North America, Christian Dior made up to $41.6 billion in sales back in 2015 and also manages to increase its revenue each and every year as one of the most successful clothing brands in the world, which is also associated by respected brands such as Givenchy, Beers, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.


This brand is incredibly well-known, due to its competitiveness on the global fashion market and is in association with up to 100 clothing and apparel companies, which not only includes retail in fashion but also other stores.

Inditex includes stores such as Zara clothing and Zara Home, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear to name a few. Their list of branded retail stores includes countless other successful brands and adds to over 7,300 operating retail outlets all around the world. Now, that’s pretty impressive and along with an endless, vast supply chain which adds to the business, even more, each year, Inditex is considered one of the biggest clothing apparel retailers in the industry, in the world.


Being Robbed of Greatness

uganda-textile (2)

Countries are not only opening doors for the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, but countries are also exploring the extensive benefits of hemp. Hemp is a variation of the cannabis sativa plant and is cultivated specifically for industrial purposes. There are a ton of uses for hemp that can completely overthrow well-established organisations, should it become legal. The crop has a number of benefits that other fibre crops cannot offer, and many believe that the world is devoid of its services due to lobby efforts by big corporates. But with administrations recognising the medicinal benefits of the plant along with the rage over the recreational usage; cannabis is starting to become less of a taboo. One of the major reasons for its lack of usage is due to many people being unaware of the benefits and qualities of the plant. For starters, although weed and hemp come from the same plant, they are very distinctly different. Hemp and marijuana are genetically and chemically very different, even the way that they are grown is different. The most significant difference is seen in the THC levels between the two; hemp has less than 0.3% of THC while marijuana has THC levels ranging from 5% to 35% depending on the strain.

Once hemp hits the market; cotton would be considered as a poor man’s hemp. That is how big the ceiling is for hemp. Hemp, like cotton, is a naturally occurring crop but is less fussy than cotton. Hemp can literally grow anywhere in the world and requires little to no requirement for pesticides or fertilisers. Cotton is one of the most commonly grown cash crops on the planet, but it requires a lot of pesticide and fertilisers; the sheer damage done by cotton is immense on the soil and the environment. So if tomorrow hemp is legalised throughout the world, a lot of people will jump ship leaving the textile industry in quite a fix. Cotton is being protected not only by the textile industry that can be sure to lose out on a lot but also a number of other industries that can be hit by the transition.

There are a number of benefits to using hemp. Some of the significant benefits are that hemp clothing is very easy to maintain and is unaffected by the elements and microbial activity. Those benefits are only the tip of the iceberg and if the crop is legalised, you should see a number of small-scale organizations and startups cashing in on the market since hemp is probably the most economical fibre crop available.

3 Fashion Mistakes that Men Commonly make


There are two things in this world that are harder to mix than oil and water, and that is men and fashion. We are not stereotyping or anything; anyone who is reading this article would agree that more men tend to care less about fashion when compared to women. There are quite a few men who take fashion seriously, but a lot have no idea what to do and just fling things. Here we look at some of the most common mistakes that men tend to make. It is never too late to rectify and look the part regardless of where you are.

  1. For starters, we advise men to choose their wardrobe wisely. Most guys tend to put on the first t-shirt they find and pair it up with a jacket. The only hitch is that when you pair a t-shirt with a jacket make sure that the t-shirt is a solid color without any printed design. The jacket over a t-shirt is a great look but only if the t-shirt has no design on it. The design draws too much attention to the t-shirt alone and overshadows the overall look.
  2. A completed look is always going to be better than an incomplete look. For example, say you want to dress formally for an occasion. Always go with the right tools and remember to tuck in your shirt. What happens is that most guys pick out a great shirt but don’t compliment it with a tie nor do they tuck the shirt in. If you are going for a casual look, then you don’t have to go overboard, but if you are planning to go for a formal event, then you have to put in the effort to look the part.
  3. Most guys tend to have a black suit that they overuse a lot. There is also this misconception that colored suits are off-putting. But if anything, a well-tailored colored suit can make the right impression. Firstly, it shows that you have a keen eye for fashion and that you care about how you dress. Secondly, black is not ideal for everyone. Black is the most commonly worn color in the world, but a grey suit might just be perfect for you. So the next time you go shopping, make sure to look at different options before you buy a suit. Having different options when it comes to suiting is also a good idea since you can mix it up based on the occasion.

3 Common Fashion Mistakes Women make


In our other article, we spoke about how men tend to make a lot of fashion mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that women are perfect either. Women make some critical fashion mistakes, but the occurrence of those might be far lesser when compared to men. Here in this article, we have explored some of the common mistakes that women make when it comes to clothing and fashion.

  1. Crocs are a super comfortable option for a lot of people. They were designed to be outdoor wear that allows the feet to breathe while still giving enough and more protection. Crocs are ideal for a day out on the beach; the place they are not ideal for is the office. Women tend to wear crocs to the office more often than men do because of how comfortable they are. But they are losing the plot by wearing crocs to a formal gathering even if the organisation doesn’t care about what you wear. But if you do insist on wearing these outdoor shoes to the office, then we suggest you take a look at the “You” series by crocs that were specifically designed for the formal occasion.

  2. Uggs are the new it thing in the market these days. They are super comfy and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. They can be worn in the house as a part of your house-wear or pyjamas, but the place that it shouldn’t be shown off is your office space. We get it; newer organization have little to no restriction on what you wear. But that doesn’t mean you wear pyjamas to work, do you? If you do wear pyjamas to work then go ahead and wear Uggs to work but if the organization says that it is casual wear, we advise you to stay clear of the Uggs. You can explore comfortable leather boots to give you the same feel while maintaining professionalism.               
  3. Things that are out of fashion are a big No No. Women still prefer using fanny packs and scrunchies. Fanny packs were a big fad in the 80s; we’ll repeat that statement, fanny packs were a big fad in the 80s. It has been over three decades, and women still tend to prefer fanny pack over other bags due to how purposeful they are. There are a lot more options now that stick to the trends while still being purposeful. Scrunchies are not cool, and neither are they purposeful. Unlike the fanny pack, the scrunch serves no purpose than someone finding the words to tell you to get a makeover.

Boot Socks Latest Winter Fashion Trend on College Campus

boot socks new trend for college apparel

What do you want most of all in the winter time? To be warm! It can get chilly or downright freezing in the winter, so you want to make sure that your wardrobe will be full of cute, chic, and warm clothes to parade in as you hit the campus, the malls, or anywhere!

This winter there is a unique fashion trend occurring regarding boots and boot socks.

Mind you, riding boots these days are a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe! And boot socks? How fun is it to have about ten different colors? Yes, whether it’s just a little chilly or five below zero, boot socks and a sexy pair of riding boots should suit your style and warm your feet quite well.

Take the UCLA girls, for example.

They’ve got their hands on all sorts of riding boots from various designers like Nine West, Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Madden Girl, and more and they are sporting their fabulous, stylish riding boots with all sorts of various boot socks this winter. One of the greatest things about boots socks is that they are so inexpensive, especially at stores like Target, Forever 21, and Walmart. The selections are also quite impressive.

College Students Forming Their Own Fashion Organizations

College Students Forming Their Own Fashion Organizations Clothing

Fashion can be such a fun and lively topic, especially among college students.

If you ever want to really know what’s new in fashion, what’s hot in fashion, and what’s unique in fashion, simply head to a university campus and take some time to observe the students sport their apparel. Whether majoring in fashion programs or not, many college students are completely fashion minded.

College Students Forming Their Own Fashion Groups

Take the college students at ASU for example…

They are wearing the latest and greatest fashions plus creating their own unique sense of fashion. These days just about anything goes when it comes to coordinating outfits of all sorts of fabric and styles. In fact, due to the fact that many college campuses do not offer fashion programs, some girls are taking matters into their own hands and starting their own fashion organizations on campus for those interested in fashion. These groups are for both men and women who want to do more than just learn in the classroom at college. They are for those who want to look fantastic while doing it!

Now that we are in the midst of winter, knowing what works for the cold weather is quite important and can save you from a lot of shivering and possible embarrassment. Tights are probably the most popular addition to the winter wardrobe, as you can wear shirts, sweaters, and even dresses with tights and feel warm, cozy, and fashionable at the same time. Add some warm, fuzzy boots to the outfit and you’ve got cute, sensible, and chic outfits that will turn some heads as you stroll throughout your campus.

College Students Forming Their Own Fashion Organizations Apparel

Take a moment to look at this college student’s fashion sense

She’s chosen to wear maroon tights- which are very popular this winter- and a fashionable off-white long sleeve sweater coupled with a tweed mini skirt and colorful scarf. This outfit shouts comfortable and chic at the same time. You might think at first glance that the outfit has too many patterns and texture, but college fashionistas are taking and making various styles and combinations work.

Tights are the way to go it seems these days. In fact, many girls are even wearing white tights in the midst of winter and pulling it off. Want to wear a short dress even when it’s freezing outside? Simply grab some tights of any color and perhaps a pair of furry boots and you’re in. If you are into layering, you can certainly layer shirts, throw on some tights, and a scarf to pull it all together.

Fashion is certainly important to college students and there are plenty of students who are willing to be trend setters. You will always have your students who have a passion for design and style, so the fact that campus organizations are forming around the topic is wonderfully impressive. Bet and believe high school students are looking at the college crowd for the latest and greatest fashion and major designers are always seeking new trends and design ideas.

Another thing that is great about students starting fashion clubs and organizations is that is sometimes sparks a passion in some students who didn’t realize they loved the fashion and design niche so much. Perhaps they were undecided about their major or just not thrilled about their current major and attending the meetings unleashed their true fashion love. At the very least, such clubs give fashion enthusiasts a place to show off their latest designs and compliment each other on how gorgeous they look!

Best Women’s College Apparel Advice: Stay True To You

college women apparel

When it comes to women’s college apparel, there are more and more college Fashionista’s busting out of their shells and arising weekly.

It’s already a wide known fact that many college girls not only care about what they look like, but they are into the latest fashions as well. In fact, many are tapping into the creative fashion diva inside them and coming up with fantastic new apparel designs that are rocking college campuses all over America. The surge in interest has caused various college campus students to organize their own fashion organizations to hang out, brainstorm, share new ideas, and simply show off dazzling and chic outfits.


Let’s say you’re a college student and you want to know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to women’s college apparel. Where would you look? Who would you talk to? If by chance you do not have some sort of fashion organization on campus, a great website for you to get familiar with is College Fashion. Here you will be able to type in your college and instantly various articles, tips, and photos of all sorts of outfits that suit your college and your climate will pop up. This is perfect for those who let’s say are from the East and attend college in the West. The climate is different and much of the time so is the clothing style.

For example, if you attend Arizona State University (ASU), go to College Fashion and type your college name in the search box. You will then be able to sift through the articles, tips, advice, and photos that come up in order to determine what styles are popular and what might work for you. Want to know what to wear for casual attire in the fall? Need to know what’s hot for cold weather? It’s easy to find out, as the season and year is listed just underneath the title of each article.

There are even Style Gurus who have been chosen for each campus to study the unique trends in the fashion industry and keep you up to date. They’ve got a keen eye for superb fashion sense and feel honored to be able to report those trends to the masses of students seeking chic and affordable college women’s apparel. It’s like having your very own fashion design consultant right at your fingertips- for FREE!

This is especially helpful for students who just don’t have time to put into hours and hours of researching what style is hot and what outfit is right for fall or winter. It can get overwhelming with all the different styles and deciding on what suits you isn’t always an easy task, but listen to the wonderful advice from ASU Style Guru, Chrissy Uva:

Always stay true to your inner style and wear what you want.”

That’s great advice for those interested in staying up to date when it comes to women’s college apparel. After all, you want your personality to resonate with your clothing style, so remember that staying true to you is the only way to go.



Do You Like Vintage + the NFL?

jay cutler fashion weekend

Introducing Kristin CAvallari’s Vintage NFL Clothing Collection



What happens when Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s wife partners with Junk Food Vintage Clothing? A vintage NFL clothing collection is birthed, of course! Kristin Cavallari has designed and launched a hot new NFL clothing line that made its runway debut during the recent New York Fashion Week.

Cavallari, who many of you might remember as a high school student on MTV’s Laguna Beach, has grown into a super successful business woman/entrepreneur. Her new sports apparel for women collection, “NFL Elements” meshes football and women’s fashion and the looks are hot, hot, hot! If women start wearing these outfits to the football parties, the guys (or gals) will have a tough time keeping their eyes on the game! Well, maybe except for the die-hard fanatics; nothing seems to get them to divert their attention from the big screen during a game!

Kristin Cavallari's NFL Collection sports apparel for women

The 26 year old California native was completely inspired to create the collection based on her zeal for fashion and her husband’s zeal for football. The opportunity for her new clothing line to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week is phenomenal. The runway was quite interesting, as it boasted a catwalk that had been tweaked into a football stadium with different conferences and divisions. The clothing line included various NFL team logos, color blocking that matched the teams, puffy shoulder pads, and stripes.

For example, Cavallari designed a short, sleek, sleeveless form-fitting dress with the Chicago Bears “C” logo on the chest, which I’m sure her husband likes. You can also find creative style dresses, cropped tees, miniskirts, and skinny jeans in her line. The previews of Kristin’s designs look quite promising and though the particular pieces that were showcased on the runway won’t be available to the public, they certainly serve as great inspiration for what will be released.


Sport’s apparel for women is definitely on the rise

More and more women are welcoming fashionable and creative lines of clothing. Gone are the days of grabbing a huge NFL jersey to wear on game day because you don’t have any sort of sports apparel for women in your own closet. In fact, the college women’s sports apparel alone has seen significant growth in the past five years at 148 percent increase. The number of young and older women getting in on the team spirit is gaining ground and this not only makes the retail sector happy, but male sports lovers as well. It used to be a lot of “Oh, the game is on? Great. I’ll be back when it’s over”, but now more women are copping a squat right next to the guys sporting their fashionable collegiate and professional sports apparel.

When asked about her opportunity to showcase her NFL collection at New York Fashion Week, Cavallari said, “I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this runway show in connection with Junk Food and NFL Women’s Apparel. I’ve been a fan of Junk Food for years and follow the NFL very closely these days. I am excited to work with such prominent brands that I’m personally a fan of and can’t wait for everyone to see my first designed collection.”

Cavallari began Junk food clothing back in 1998 to showcase vintage t-shirts in categories such as rock & roll, movies, sports, and foods. It is a quite popular line among the celebrities and is carried in stores throughout the world. If you are seeking sports apparel for women, Junk food has a large selection of tops, bottoms, and collections for women who have a passion for sports.

As the number of women interested in collegiate and professional sports apparel increases, so will the creative designs and number of companies jumping in with their lines. It may be only a matter of time before the women’s sports apparel outsells the men’s sports apparel. What women doesn’t want to look stylish and maybe even sexy while watching a competitive game? According to a sports poll done by ESPN, about 89 million women admit that they are faithful college sports fans and 84.3 million women admit to being NFL fans. These numbers have caused a surge in women’s apparel because the demand is growing stronger and stronger. What a woman wants, she should be able to have and it ought to be stylish and affordable.

To learn more about Junkfood Vintage Clothing, feel free to visit the website. To view Cavallari’s runway pictures, click here.

The NFL Markets to Fashion Fans

nfl market to fashion fans

Whether you are a casual dresser or a fashion diva, the NFL is seeking all types of women to showcase their Women’s Apparel line. The landscape of women’s sports apparel has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades and recently the fashion lines are diverging into some serious non-typical areas when it comes to the rules of fashion.

For example, the Vogue fashion show and the NFL Women’s Apparel campaign joined everyday casual sports apparel with high-end fashion. In most women’s mind, that is a no-no.

Casual and high end just don’t go together- until now

Actually, a lot of those rules have disappeared as women are not as much concerned about casual vs. elegant; they just want comfortable!

The NFL is set on making its women’s sports apparel appealing to those who like lounge and fashion. The revamped women’s apparel line will debut “It’s My Team” campaign that showcases 20 women with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. These women will be styling NFL plus high-end designer apparel. Who might you see styling such pieces? How about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Olympic tennis champion Serena Williams, and sportscaster Melissa Start? How is that for diversity?

Do you think you could wear a high-end fashion skirt with a baggy sweatshirt and not get fingers pointed at you? Think heads would turn and snickering occur? It might, but that’s only temporary until the merging of luxe/designer pieces with team apparel become hot, hot, hot!

For those of you football fans who want to kill the party/game/living room, grocery store with such a look here are some valuable tips for you to consider:

  • Anything goes. You know when you look in the mirror the outfit that is staring back at you doesn’t seem to match? Well, anything goes with the casual/fashion merge. You can look sporty and chick the same time and it’s alright!
  • Mix and match fan madness. Get a little fan crazy! Mix and match an NFL off-shoulder sweatshirt with the Cowboys logo with a chic denim skirt and distressed leather boots when you’re rooting for the Cowboys. Or how about a Panther-themed contoured blouse with jet black leotards and Luce fur boots to keep your feet warm for a Panthers game?
  • Form-fitting shirts are always a winner. No matter what you favorite team or look is, form-fitting tees always score you some fashion points! With every team logo to choose from, these tees easily give you that cute sporty and sophisticated look at the same time.
  • Embrace color. If you are seeking sporty as a fashion trend, don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors that accentuate each other for a sleek, athletic look that gets some attention. Feel free to accessorize with stylish sunglasses and a chic bag, but it’s probably best to keep the accessories to a minimum with the bold colors.
  • Keep up with trends. If you want to merge sporty and chic, keep up with the trends and take a look at the latest pictures for ideas and inspiration. The subject idea is becoming more and more popular and designers are coming up with fantastic sporty pieces.

With more and more women becoming sports fans each week, it only makes sense that designers and the NFL are combining passion and design to give women what they want: To look gorgeous and be comfortable at the same time!


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