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Being Robbed of Greatness

Countries are not only opening doors for the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, but countries are also exploring the extensive benefits of hemp. Hemp is a variation of the cannabis sativa plant and is cultivated specifically for industrial purposes. There are a ton of uses for hemp that can completely overthrow well-established organisations, should it become legal. The crop has a number of benefits that other fibre crops cannot offer, and many believe that the world is devoid of its services due to lobby efforts by big corporates. But with administrations recognising the medicinal benefits of the plant along with the rage over the recreational usage; cannabis is starting to become less of a taboo. One of the major reasons for its lack of usage is due to many people being unaware of the benefits and qualities of the plant. For starters, although weed and hemp come from the same plant, they are very distinctly different. Hemp and marijuana are genetically and chemically very different, even the way that they are grown is different. The most significant difference is seen in the THC levels between the two; hemp has less than 0.3% of THC while marijuana has THC levels ranging from 5% to 35% depending on the strain.

Once hemp hits the market; cotton would be considered as a poor man’s hemp. That is how big the ceiling is for hemp. Hemp, like cotton, is a naturally occurring crop but is less fussy than cotton. Hemp can literally grow anywhere in the world and requires little to no requirement for pesticides or fertilisers. Cotton is one of the most commonly grown cash crops on the planet, but it requires a lot of pesticide and fertilisers; the sheer damage done by cotton is immense on the soil and the environment. So if tomorrow hemp is legalised throughout the world, a lot of people will jump ship leaving the textile industry in quite a fix. Cotton is being protected not only by the textile industry that can be sure to lose out on a lot but also a number of other industries that can be hit by the transition.

There are a number of benefits to using hemp. Some of the significant benefits are that hemp clothing is very easy to maintain and is unaffected by the elements and microbial activity. Those benefits are only the tip of the iceberg and if the crop is legalised, you should see a number of small-scale organizations and startups cashing in on the market since hemp is probably the most economical fibre crop available.