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Women Sports Apparel

College Girls Representing School Spirit… Fashionably

We all know what guys tend to be thinking when an upcoming football or basketball game is approaching… Who’s the underdog? What are the odds? Hope my team crushes the other!

Girls on the other hand are not thinking too much about the actual sport, but rather thoughts like… Who’s going to be there? What are the team colors? What cute outfit will I wear?

The sports’ seasons are quite exciting for college students and rightly so. Being a loyal fan is a great feeling and getting together with friends and college comrades is always an exciting time. In fact, athletics are a big part of the college life, so on top of studies, students are always thinking about the next big sporting event and girls? They are loving the chance to wear cute, fashionable women’s college apparel to the games!

With college women’s sports apparel at an all-time high, the fashion frenzy is just beginning.

Female students are rocking the chance to represent their school spirit at tailgate parties and games wearing all sorts of fashionable attire. In fact, take a look at this recruitment video performed by the Delta Gamma sorority students. It not only shows incredible school spirit, but also some hot sport’s apparel fashion! It’s not just the Delta Gamma sorority girls on fire for sport’s fashion. The trend is catching like wildfire all across the United States, as school spirit and style are becoming quite the buzz words.

What shall I wear?

With this question in mind, what shall you wear to the next big game? Here are some tips for some hot, sporty outfits you can wear to showcase your school spirit:

Express your style confidently. Be confident in your style. If you prefer heels over flats, go ahead and dress your sport’s apparel up with heels. If you prefer the grunge look, get your school spirit on wearing your grunge. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to showcasing your school spirit via sport’s apparel; just be yourself!

Shop around. Don’t love the styles in the campus store? Take some time to shop around for flattering team apparel that suits your style. Check out online women’s sport’s apparel stores and mix and match what you’ve already got with something that shouts “Go Team!” Sometimes a simple shirt sporting a team logo paired with chic bottoms and accessories is all you need to get in the school spirit!

Do it yourself. If you’re the creative type, give your creativity a chance to shine by creating your own DIY team spirit outfit. Get to sewing, mixing, and matching to create adorable team scarves, a dress, or whatever you like!

Think team colors. You can take your team colors and accessorize whatever you are wearing. If it’s chilly out, grab some gloves, a scarf, and a hat that matches your team colors. You can also purchase bracelets, tights, boot socks, necklaces, etc. in your team colors and save for the tailgating parties and games!

With the surge of interest in women’s sports apparel, it is no surprise that sororities and entire campuses have stepped up their attention to the fashion industry. Many college campus stores are adding more variety and online women’s sport’s apparel stores are kicking it up a notch as well. Do you have a section of your closet full of “team spirit” apparel? If not, perhaps it’s time to get started!