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Jay Cutler Fashion Weekend

Do You Like Vintage + the NFL?

Introducing Kristin CAvallari’s Vintage NFL Clothing Collection



What happens when Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s wife partners with Junk Food Vintage Clothing? A vintage NFL clothing collection is birthed, of course! Kristin Cavallari has designed and launched a hot new NFL clothing line that made its runway debut during the recent New York Fashion Week.

Cavallari, who many of you might remember as a high school student on MTV’s Laguna Beach, has grown into a super successful business woman/entrepreneur. Her new sports apparel for women collection, “NFL Elements” meshes football and women’s fashion and the looks are hot, hot, hot! If women start wearing these outfits to the football parties, the guys (or gals) will have a tough time keeping their eyes on the game! Well, maybe except for the die-hard fanatics; nothing seems to get them to divert their attention from the big screen during a game!

Kristin Cavallari's NFL Collection sports apparel for women

The 26 year old California native was completely inspired to create the collection based on her zeal for fashion and her husband’s zeal for football. The opportunity for her new clothing line to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week is phenomenal. The runway was quite interesting, as it boasted a catwalk that had been tweaked into a football stadium with different conferences and divisions. The clothing line included various NFL team logos, color blocking that matched the teams, puffy shoulder pads, and stripes.

For example, Cavallari designed a short, sleek, sleeveless form-fitting dress with the Chicago Bears “C” logo on the chest, which I’m sure her husband likes. You can also find creative style dresses, cropped tees, miniskirts, and skinny jeans in her line. The previews of Kristin’s designs look quite promising and though the particular pieces that were showcased on the runway won’t be available to the public, they certainly serve as great inspiration for what will be released.


Sport’s apparel for women is definitely on the rise

More and more women are welcoming fashionable and creative lines of clothing. Gone are the days of grabbing a huge NFL jersey to wear on game day because you don’t have any sort of sports apparel for women in your own closet. In fact, the college women’s sports apparel alone has seen significant growth in the past five years at 148 percent increase. The number of young and older women getting in on the team spirit is gaining ground and this not only makes the retail sector happy, but male sports lovers as well. It used to be a lot of “Oh, the game is on? Great. I’ll be back when it’s over”, but now more women are copping a squat right next to the guys sporting their fashionable collegiate and professional sports apparel.

When asked about her opportunity to showcase her NFL collection at New York Fashion Week, Cavallari said, “I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this runway show in connection with Junk Food and NFL Women’s Apparel. I’ve been a fan of Junk Food for years and follow the NFL very closely these days. I am excited to work with such prominent brands that I’m personally a fan of and can’t wait for everyone to see my first designed collection.”

Cavallari began Junk food clothing back in 1998 to showcase vintage t-shirts in categories such as rock & roll, movies, sports, and foods. It is a quite popular line among the celebrities and is carried in stores throughout the world. If you are seeking sports apparel for women, Junk food has a large selection of tops, bottoms, and collections for women who have a passion for sports.

As the number of women interested in collegiate and professional sports apparel increases, so will the creative designs and number of companies jumping in with their lines. It may be only a matter of time before the women’s sports apparel outsells the men’s sports apparel. What women doesn’t want to look stylish and maybe even sexy while watching a competitive game? According to a sports poll done by ESPN, about 89 million women admit that they are faithful college sports fans and 84.3 million women admit to being NFL fans. These numbers have caused a surge in women’s apparel because the demand is growing stronger and stronger. What a woman wants, she should be able to have and it ought to be stylish and affordable.

To learn more about Junkfood Vintage Clothing, feel free to visit the website. To view Cavallari’s runway pictures, click here.