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The Most Successful Clothing Apparel Brands in the World

As some of the leading clothing brands in the world, brands like Zara, Dior, Chanel and even the rivalry sports apparel brands Nike and Adidas are considered to be some of the world’s biggest clothing apparel brands in the world. These brands are established as some of the most adored amongst all the leading competitors and are noticeably only the tip of the iceberg to some of the fashion industry’s leading names from all walks of life, not to mention, Burberry, Hermes and Coach who are also considered some of the more luxurious and beloved brands.

The following brands are considered to be the best in the fashion industry due to their ever-increasing outstanding results in revenue, their profits, as well as market value and assets.

The Best in Business of Clothing Apparel


Ask the question about who Nike is anywhere in the world and chances are people will know its name and when that happens, you know you’ve met a brand that has delivered to the best of its ability in the clothing industry. The athletic-wear and athleisure brand banked a record of over $32 billion in one year alone and continues to increase every year. It is the most popular brand in fitness and performance wear and since the health and fitness trend also took off in the last decade, more people have found a reason to not only wear athletic wear for the sake of working out in the gym or during sports, but also as a fashion statement.

Christian Dior

As yet another well-known name all around the world, but more specifically purchased throughout Europe, the UK and North America, Christian Dior made up to $41.6 billion in sales back in 2015 and also manages to increase its revenue each and every year as one of the most successful clothing brands in the world, which is also associated by respected brands such as Givenchy, Beers, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.


This brand is incredibly well-known, due to its competitiveness on the global fashion market and is in association with up to 100 clothing and apparel companies, which not only includes retail in fashion but also other stores.

Inditex includes stores such as Zara clothing and Zara Home, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear to name a few. Their list of branded retail stores includes countless other successful brands and adds to over 7,300 operating retail outlets all around the world. Now, that’s pretty impressive and along with an endless, vast supply chain which adds to the business, even more, each year, Inditex is considered one of the biggest clothing apparel retailers in the industry, in the world.