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Nfl Market To Fashion Fans

The NFL Markets to Fashion Fans

Whether you are a casual dresser or a fashion diva, the NFL is seeking all types of women to showcase their Women’s Apparel line. The landscape of women’s sports apparel has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades and recently the fashion lines are diverging into some serious non-typical areas when it comes to the rules of fashion.

For example, the Vogue fashion show and the NFL Women’s Apparel campaign joined everyday casual sports apparel with high-end fashion. In most women’s mind, that is a no-no.

Casual and high end just don’t go together- until now

Actually, a lot of those rules have disappeared as women are not as much concerned about casual vs. elegant; they just want comfortable!

The NFL is set on making its women’s sports apparel appealing to those who like lounge and fashion. The revamped women’s apparel line will debut “It’s My Team” campaign that showcases 20 women with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. These women will be styling NFL plus high-end designer apparel. Who might you see styling such pieces? How about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Olympic tennis champion Serena Williams, and sportscaster Melissa Start? How is that for diversity?

Do you think you could wear a high-end fashion skirt with a baggy sweatshirt and not get fingers pointed at you? Think heads would turn and snickering occur? It might, but that’s only temporary until the merging of luxe/designer pieces with team apparel become hot, hot, hot!

For those of you football fans who want to kill the party/game/living room, grocery store with such a look here are some valuable tips for you to consider:

  • Anything goes. You know when you look in the mirror the outfit that is staring back at you doesn’t seem to match? Well, anything goes with the casual/fashion merge. You can look sporty and chick the same time and it’s alright!
  • Mix and match fan madness. Get a little fan crazy! Mix and match an NFL off-shoulder sweatshirt with the Cowboys logo with a chic denim skirt and distressed leather boots when you’re rooting for the Cowboys. Or how about a Panther-themed contoured blouse with jet black leotards and Luce fur boots to keep your feet warm for a Panthers game?
  • Form-fitting shirts are always a winner. No matter what you favorite team or look is, form-fitting tees always score you some fashion points! With every team logo to choose from, these tees easily give you that cute sporty and sophisticated look at the same time.
  • Embrace color. If you are seeking sporty as a fashion trend, don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors that accentuate each other for a sleek, athletic look that gets some attention. Feel free to accessorize with stylish sunglasses and a chic bag, but it’s probably best to keep the accessories to a minimum with the bold colors.
  • Keep up with trends. If you want to merge sporty and chic, keep up with the trends and take a look at the latest pictures for ideas and inspiration. The subject idea is becoming more and more popular and designers are coming up with fantastic sporty pieces.

With more and more women becoming sports fans each week, it only makes sense that designers and the NFL are combining passion and design to give women what they want: To look gorgeous and be comfortable at the same time!